Friday, January 6, 2017

Our Secret Paws 2016

We got mail today ; it was a big brown box. Claire helped us to open it, and there were many prettily wrapped gifts inside. And a card, too ! Yay, it was our Secret Paws package !

PIXIE : Anything else ? No… Let’s open those lovely gifts !

There was an ornament, Da Bird, Jackson Galaxy Natural Toys, fluffy balls, a nip carrot, treats, and a cute card from Grizzy, Sophie, and their mom Susan, our new friends from The Rosie Bee.

The paper and the box were a lot of fun too ! 

ZORRO : Those are pawsome gifts !

PIXIE :  The carrot is mine !

PIXIE : Could someone remove the cardboard, please ?

PIXIE : *non identified ecstatic noises*

ZORRO : We’re glad we finally got our Secret Paws package, it was worth waiting : thank you very much, buddies ! 

A huge thank you to Mom Paula at Sweet Purrfections for organizing Secret Paws.