Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Buckwheat's gifts from Sometimes Cats Herd You

I was so excited to be playing in the Secret Paws game this year for the first time!  Angel kitty William did it for several years and always got really great gifts, so I just had to do it too.  My gifts came from some kitties that I hadn't really met before.  LL had heard of them, but hadn't checked them out until receiving the package and then going to their blog at .  Pierre, Newton and Ashton are really cool  and they have a great photographer!  We are so pleased to meet you guys and will definitely be adding you to our reading list.  That is one of the really neat parts of this game, you never know who your gifts will come from and usually you find a fun new friend and blog.

On to the prezzints!

I sat by this box for like 2 weeks or something, it got here way before Christmas, but LL wouldn't let me open it until the big day.  All that time I could smell something good in there.

Finally the day arrived and we opened it up!  And like the good assistant that I am, I helped get into it. Going straight for the thing that I could smell.

You can't see it real well, but it was one of my most favorite things in all of the land...
A nip banana from Yeowww!  I love all things nip and this was awesome!

There was this cool little bug toy, it looks like fun, but I have so many new toys that LL hasn't opened it yet, but when she does, I bet it will be super fun.

They sent me oodles of Temptations with a Snacky Mouse toy and a new Cat Dancer as well, but we didn't get pictures of those.

LL was also impressed with the peepul prezzint that was included, she got this great book!  Texts from Mittens.  She has read many pages, but hasn't finished all of it.  She says that Mittens is quite the character and is glad that I don't know how to text.  She also got some of her favorite Lindt Chocolate Truffles. 

Thank you so very much Pierre, Newton and Ashton, you guys have great taste in prezzint picking!!


  1. We're so glad you enjoyed the gifts so much. You sure were enthusiastic about the catnip banana! Merry Christmas, to you and your humans, Buckwheat!

  2. We love the Cats Herd You gang. It looks like you got some pawsome presents!!

    The Florida Furkids