Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mudpie's Pawsome Secret Paws Package from The Florida Furkids

Meows from Mudpie!
The wait has been nearly unbearable but I *finally* get to tell you about my Secret Paws package which came last week from our sweet friends Allie, Ellie and Raz, aka The Florida Furkids!
I believe in being very "paws on" in everything I do so I immediately started pulling out packages. Who needs a human's opposable thumbs?
The first package Mommy helped me open contained this unbelievably beautiful Christmas kitty blankie and Mommy's eyes started to leak! It meant even more when she found out that the Furkids' mom, Miss Sharon, made the blanket for us herself! Now that is a gift straight from the heart and filled with love, and we will never forget her kindness.  I predict lots of cold winter nights cuddling with my new blanket! 
I couldn't keep my paws off this Christmas lights wand toy long enough for Mommy to even take it off the card!
Getting a picture without a tortie blur was nearly impossible.
Like my meerkat pose? I do it a lot but Mommy's never gotten photographic evidence of it :) 
Between this cute catnip palm tree...
and beach ball I feel like the Furkids sent me a part of their home state of Florida in my Secret Paws package!
Mommy had ideas about making me wear this cute Meowy Christmas bandanna but I wasn't having it...
but I did manage to find a more willing victim model.
In case you had any doubts that this package was customized for us in every way...check out the pawsome tortie tea towel!!! Mommy will be hanging this in our kitchen and I have a strong feeling it will never be used for it's intended purpose!
Just look at everything! In addition to what I've already shown you I also got some yummy Temptations treats and Mommy got a brand new kitty coloring book.
Mommy and I both want to thank the Florida Furkids so very much for their thoughtful, generous, and purr-fectly wonderful gifts. We couldn't have asked for a better Secret Paws!
And remember the aforementioned blankie? After we finished opening our Secret Paws prezzies and needed a break Mommy laid it on her lap and I immediately hopped up and took a snooze. It's the warmest and coziest nap spot ever, and will be used as our "couch cuddling" blanket from here on out. (On Christmas Eve Mommy sat down to read at 11 PM and you know what time I let her get up to go to bed? 2:30 AM!!! She just didn't have the heart to put me down, even though she kept warning me that Santa was going to catch us!)
Now would also be a good time to reveal that we sent our Secret Paws gifts to Angel, Kirby and Max over at A Wizard and an Angel. They wrote about their package here and we're so happy to see how much everyone loved what we picked out.
Many thanks as well to Truffle and Brulee's mom Paula from Sweet Purrfections for organizing this wonderful event that makes many blogging kitties very, very happy.
Now I have a very important many days until Secret Paws 2017???


  1. The toys look like fun - but that blanket is REALLY special!

  2. I know what you mean about wanting next year's Secret Paws to come early. You got some great loot.