Monday, December 26, 2016

Cat Wisdom 101: Old Cat's First Santa Paws

We've enjoyed participating in the Santa Paws since its inception and this year we blogged about it early. You see, we have a new family member, an 16-year-old mancat panfur named Clyde and he couldn't wait to share his first blog post. 

Read the behind the scenes story of an old cat's first Santa Paws at

The holidays for us is not so much about gifts but peace, love and purrs. 

On behalf of our entire Cat Wisdom 101 fur fam, happy holidays! 

Be the light for those in need.

Layla, Clyde, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou & the angels.

Hello bloggers, I'm Clyde, now officially the head of the Cat Wisdom 101 feline household which is defined by age.

I even got my first piece of mail sent with my name clearly marked first!

This year, from it's Carol Lowbeer and Peaches and Paprika. They cleverly put together just the right items. For Layla, the new Cat Journal from Moleskin, handy for keeping track of the gazillion cat care lists like meds and vet visits. 

For the cats, we got a huuuuge crinkly Santa Sack with feathered jingle balls, catnip and healthy dental treats. They were a huge hit and we give our kind thanks for Peaches & Paprika's thoughtfulness.

 I'll let Odin demonstrate his pleasure and delight in making a mess of the goodies.

As an older, distinguished gentlecat, I'm more restrained in my enthusiasm and give hearty thanks, and wish everyone the joy and light of the season.

Yours truly,

Clyde Ravenswood Wilde

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  1. What lovely presents from Peaches and Paprika and their human!