Thursday, December 29, 2016

Secret Santa Paws for the win!

Santa Paws came early here at our house! Our Secret Santa Paws package arrived in early December. This here human wanted to wait until closer to Christmas to open it. Patience is a virtue, after all. The furbabies protested, but I won out. At least, until I ran out of places to hide the box from a certain little kitty girl (ahem, Thimble).

That being the case, we opened our package from our Secret Santa Paws a week before Christmas. So, why are we just now posting about it here? Because this human has some faulty wiring in her brain. I'm sorry, I'm human, what can I say. Over on our blog we made an entire week of posts about our fantastic gifts from our Secret Santa Paws (because there are just that many goodies!), but now we'll post about it here.

First and foremost, who was our Secret Santa Paws? None other than Jean and her furbabies! And, let us tell you, they did the most pawesome job selecting gifts for our entire crew here!

Just look at that box of goodies!

Sometimes you just have to dive right in on all that festive fun.

The first furbaby to open their gift was actually pup Astrid. (Even though this was technically a gift exchange for kitties, Astrid indeed got a gift of her very own!)

The reason why Astrid got to open her gift first is evidenced above. She immediately sniffed out her gift and stole it from the box of goodies. That being said, it was delicious and she loved it (even if she did have to pose for a picture with it first)!

Then the kitties got their turns. They hit the payload with their gifts, that's for sure!

We love mousies!

Everything is so pretty, and these balls even rattle!

Crinkle balls!

Feathery, catnip goodness!

Evan got some new cat grass, and he cannot wait to enjoy it. He even said he'd share with the other kitties. You see, by no fault of their own, the last time they had cat grass, it didn't survive. A certain human forgot to water it, but that is water under the bridge now, right? More importantly, that won't happen to this new cat grass!

On top of the cat grass, Evan got another gift near and dear to his heart.

Party Mix!

What have you there, Thimble?

The most adorable ducky wand toy ever, that's what!

And it just so happens to be cute and fun!

Thank you, Jean and furbabies! You sent us the most perfect and fun and festive gifts, and we love them all!

Oh, but I can't forget. This here human wasn't left out by our Secret Santa Paws. I was sent the most lovely owl ornament, handmade by Jean herself.

Isn't it too cute? I am always so fond of handmade gifts, and this is perfect. And even just look at the lovely box it came in. Thank you, Jean!

This was actually our very first year to participate in Secret Paws. Let's suffice it to say, we'll be doing it again next year, and every year after that!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas!