Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas with Keisha #Secret Paws

Thanksful for Dragonheart, Merlin and Devi

You read right. This little ghetto kitteh is thankful for three Sphynx cats from Canada. Over the past six months I've been following Merlin, Dragonheart and Devi and you should too. I've been participating in Secret Paws for the last four years and have gotten some wonderful prezzies. This year was no exception.

I could tell this package was put together with love. Everything was either made in Canada where they live or handmade except the treats. They really know how to make a cat feel special. There was a beautiful Christmas card and letter explaining what everything was. Their human mom is very talented. She crocheted a wash cloth and soap saver for TW (left in the above photo) and some toys and a super cool mat for me. We love the Christmasy yarn the toys and TW's gifts are made with. Some of the cat toys were bought locally by their home and they also included some Ludwig Spice Noel Canadian dark chocolate for TW and Pop which was quickly devoured. My peeps said it was delicious and thank you.

Thanksful for Dragonheart, Merlin and Devi

There aren't many pics of how nicely the prezzies were wrapped cos Pop tore into everything without rhyme or reason. This image of several of the packages is a video still. I am biting Pop because he wants to unwrap one of the packages.

The crocheted chain was a yuge hit with this kitteh as was the Greenies Smartbites! Here's a little slideshow with some of the pics and video TW took of me in action. We know how much they like scrapbooking so we picked a theme that we thought they'd like. I don't go for wand toys but strings are among my fave toys. TW hides them unless she's around to play with me which isn't often enough for my liking.

TW put the mat on the chair next to Pop's chair cos I love to keep Pop company while he reads the paper or checks out his Facebook page.

Thank you to Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections for doing the heavy lifting to get Secret Paws up and running and for matching me with the cats at Chat Aux Sphynx. Thanks to Devi, Dragonheart, Merlin and their talented Mom C. who must want to remain anonymous.

I'm sharing some different pics on my Stunning Keisha blog so come over and visit me there. This is part of the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop at Brian's Home.


  1. We are so glad that you like your Secret Paws presents! We love the slideshow and the video!

  2. What a thoughtful package from Chat Aux Sphynx. We're glad you participated in Secret Paws.

  3. Wow you done good! What inventive gifts and what a great time you had! Thank you for sharing it with us.